Core Knowledge

The First 9 Weeks  of Core Knowledge:

Fairy Tales--Emperor's New Clothes, 
                     Beauty and the Beast
                     The Fisherman and his Wife
                     Peter Pan

Constitution--Review of Revolutionay War
                      James Madison & founding fathers
                      Constitution Day is Sept. 17
                      War of 1812
                      Citizenship & US  symbols

Art--               Mother and Child
                       The Great Wave
                       Starry Night

Science--        Scientific Method
                       Earth and Space Science
                       Seasons & Solar System
Math--            Investigations Unit 1 & Unit2
                       Counting, coins and combinations
                       Shapes, blocks & Symmetry

Poetry--      There was an old man with a beard
                    Bed in Summer
                    Something told the Wild Geese

Sayings--     Back to the drawing board
                    Get up on the wrong side of the bed
                    Get a taste of your own medicine
                    Cold feet  

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